About The Fudge


Welcome To The Farthest North Fudge Store

We are located in the downtown area of Fairbanks, the Golden Heart city of Alaska. We opened our doors in 1997.


We specialize in making the best fudge in Alaska. All of our fudge is made from the finest ingredients and made with real cream and butter. Our fudge selections are the most pleasing sweets available in Alaska and they're made right here in our Fairbanks kitchen.


Please visit our online Fudge Store to see our variety of 30 fudge flavors. We make a wide variety of fudge, our specialty flavors are blueberry and cranberry, both are made with local low bush Alaska berries and no artificial colors or flavors.


We enjoy making the finest fudge in Alaska and we take pride in our fudge and customer satisfaction.


In addition to our great fudge we sell orginal Alaskan gifts, ice cream, espressos and sandwiches. If you're in town or visiting on vacation feel free to stop by and experience the friendly and appetite satisfying Fudge Pot.


515 1st Avenue Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

(907) 456-3834 :: orders@thefudgepot.com

Hey, Fairbanks! Come have a  latte with us.